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Traps in the automotive field are not always obvious.

A dealer will offer you a 0% rate while another tells you that accepting this offer will cost you more.

What is there to understand in all this gibberish?

Who is right?

Before even focusing on funding, some crucial details should be clear.

First, know how to recognize the truth!

If you are in a 2nd and 3rd chance credit, it is still possible to have financing on your car.

Know how to identify the so-called “unbeatable” rates. Dealers strongly advertise low interest rates (some as low as 0%!) And their advantageous financing!

However, these unmatched rates that draw you home are far from revealing everything.

Your final bill may be more important than you think at first glance. Just think about the credit rate required and you will probably find that the funding will not go up to the famous 0%.

Second, the additions that are stifling your budget!

Pay attention to extras because they tend to raise your bill. Indeed, the interest rate affects them a lot.

Think carefully before adding an extra to your financing. Simple alloy wheels costing $ 800 will increase to $ 996 with a 9% interest rate for 5 years. You will then pay an additional 25%!

This calculation will be done on each of the items you want to add, it’s a think-well.

Third, a second-hand car is not always worth it!

Who says car of the year also says a lower rate.

Used vehicles do not enjoy the best rates. The rates generally exceed those granted for a new car and the banks do the same.

Financing a second-hand car is then more expensive. This is easily explained by the fact that a lender who has to resell a used vehicle that a buyer who does not make his payments has given him, will get a smaller sum to recover his investment than a new car.

The lender must then mitigate this greater risk by raising its interest rate.

In conclusion, if you think you’re getting a used car at 0%, look for the catch.

The steps of buying a vehicle and how not to be fooled

You have made your choice on a used or new vehicle after productive research? All you have to do is get financing!

Follow these 2 simple steps to find out what you need to know about financing and how to do it effectively and efficiently with both eyes closed.

Before renting or buying your used or new car, your means of financing must be established.

  1. Learn to recognize the terms associated with selling : Learn how to separate the vocabulary from the field such as finance charges, credit rates and interest rates. The seller understands all this so try to understand these terms to descramble your discussion and dodge the pitfalls.
  2. Consult tools online : refer to the website of used car dealers, financial institutions or even builders to take advantage of the tools put there to build your financing. Use these numbers as a starting point to give you an idea. Print the results or keep them in memory on your smart device so they can be used as a reference when you start negotiations for your on-site financing.
  3. Develop a monthly budget: establish monthly maximum amounts that you can advance. Your monthly payment must absolutely take into account your ability to pay and related expenses created by your car. You will have to think of everything!

How is financing done at a dealership?

Multiple dealers or merchants will advance their own approaches to funding.

This convenient solution is popular and adopted by many people.

When you opt for merchant financing, you have to go through a series of steps that have the potential to confuse more than one.

Here is an overview of the procedures to follow:

You want to get a car from a merchant?

Then make a loan to the bank and enjoy promotions called “on the floor” with a cash payment at the dealership to save greatly!

This interesting formula can potentially bring you great help from a financial point of view.

You only have to compare the interest rates established by your lending institution and your merchant before making your decision. Calculate which offer is worth the most for you and get started!

It is better to be wary and read his contract at a merchant: here’s why!

  1. Be sure to read the fine print of the documentation or attractive advertisements presented. You will probably discover the real costs or fees as well as the conditions relating to the purchase. The amount of the deposit should be included in order to benefit from lower monthly payments.
  1. Generally, there are financing offers for terms of 6 years, 7 years or 8 years on the market for consumers to date. Such offers exist, not only for new cars, but also for used vehicles. The CAA-Quebec experts warn however not to exceed a five-year term. Indeed, one of their study on this subject specifies that otherwise, you will suffer losses, especially if the buyer puts his car on sale before a completed term of 72 months (or more) .This is explained by the fact that a vehicle loses value very quickly, much more than the rate at which the consumer repays his capital. A car loses a value of approximately 40% of its new price after only 4 years and the depreciation only continues.If you want to change your car and you still have a sum because of the financing, the total due will, customarily, exceed its residual or market value.This amount always due adds to the second automobile loan contracted for the new vehicle and thus can start a very sad cycle of debts.
  2. Allow yourself to doubt the payment menus offered per week or month. You do not buy discounts, bonuses or numbers, but a car! The fact of presenting small monthly payments hides most likely a larger amount to hand over.
  1. Financing so easy is not obtained for fun, it often hides greater costs so stay tuned! Nobody will unfortunately make you a present.
  2. Multiple merchants advance to their customers the potential services of doubtful lenders. They specialize in second chance credit cases and can provide their services to people who do not have a good credit record. Thus, individuals with bad credit because of financial problems may try their luck. Going through these lenders is very expensive. They specialize in this area, but they are far from doing their job for free. The interest rate they propose is proportional to the risks they will have to take. You can frequently find on their contracts rates as high as 20% or 30%, without forgetting and calculate additional fees and conditions depending on the circumstances. A loan that you consider at first “lucky” will cost you extremely expensive after Do not consider these offers as a last resort if you really want to receive financing for a car. Overview of figures for a 20% high loan: Considering a rate of 7%, a loan raised to $ 20,000 to be repaid in 48 months at $ 550.76 / month and where financing fees are $ 3436.65 . With this rate of 20%, your monthly payments explode to $ 640.11 and the bill for interest to $ 7725.15. Ask the merchant if the interest rate is in the same amount as the rate of credit appearing in the contract. Even if he says yes, read your agreement again and try to find the line showing the credit rate. Unless added extras, the rate should be similar to the advertised offer. If you doubt the least, do not sign!

The reality of the 0% interest on a car loan

The cost of a new vehicle is very expensive nowadays.

Not only does the purchase cost you between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000, but you also have to add the price of the financing.

In addition, financial institutions generally grant rates ranging from 7 to 9% for the car loan.

When a dealer posts a 0% interest rate in their storefront or in an advertisement, it is more than normal to be tempted by the offer and to grab the offer before it stops.

However, after verification, is the game really worth the candle?

The famous 0% decreed is it a reality?

Doubt financial advice from merchants. A common method used by merchants is to say that you have a 0% rate. However by paying cash, you get $ 3000 off. In the end, the 0% hides a $ 3,000 interest.

Let’s take an example that happens quite often

A customer is attracted by a sale at 0% interest at a dealer in his region.

The sales advisor says that even if you want the $ 21,000 model from 2018, the $ 20,000 2017 model can enjoy 96-month funding at 0% interest.

The interested consumer usually asks if he can get a discount by paying cash.

The advisor generally responds that this is not feasible.

They conclude by adopting the 0% interest financing which represents a monthly payment for 96 months of $ 239.58. The car returns to $ 23,000 in total including taxes.

The same client discusses the offer to his boyfriend soon after. He tells him that this model has returned too expensive and proves it by visiting the website of the company with which he did business.

The customer quickly realizes that he has spent too much money on his new vehicle.

The site displays the price of the 2018 model at $ 20,000 with taxes, which is $ 3,000 cheaper than its own 2017 model.

The only condition mentioned is a cash payment. However, the seller has never even raised this possibility of promotion.

The interest rate at 0% interest of the merchant has worked well. The customer has spent a lot more without knowing it for his car.

The customer can only repeat that he would have chosen this option if it had been presented to him. Other methods of financing were open to him and would have allowed him to pay less.

Let’s decipher this example:

In short, the 0% interest on promotion was used to buy an older car at a higher price ($ 3,000).

If we calculate this amount spread over a period of 96 months, it is quickly realized that it is hidden interest charges at the time of purchase of the vehicle.

The fooled consumer may well shout at the scam, because it was hidden amounts improperly.

Even the bank does not issue such high rates.

Pay your car with another method!

When you rent or buy a car from a merchant, you do not have to pay for it at home.

If an individual sells you a vehicle, you will have other financing options than a loan from a financial institution such as a car loan, a personal loan or a line of credit (mortgage), for example.

In the event that one of your relatives can help you financially, this person can probably advance you a sum at a lower interest rate and much more advantageous than a bank or a dealer could agree.

For an automobile priced at $ 10,000 or less, try to save enough money before you buy it to pay cash.

You will have no financing fees to manage.

Thus, your monthly payments would instead be replaced by expenses such as those for gasoline and maintenance for example.

If all the mentioned solutions seem impossible in your situation, you will have to pay a visit to the bank.

Financial advisor and auto loan

Start by arranging a meeting with a financial advisor.

He will assist you by asking you to build a borrowing profile that suits you while checking your credit report if you allow it.

This professional will advance, depending on your situation, options such as:

  • If you have a mortgage margin and a property, use that one to pay for your purchase. This will remain a more beneficial option than looking for a typical loan for your car.
  • If you opt for a low-value car (maximum between $ 10,000 and $ 12,000) and apply for financial assistance from your bank, often you will only receive a personal loan. Usually, this loan is rather expensive in terms of financing costs. Since the vehicle can not be used as a guarantee because of its low value, your financial institution must impose a high interest rate on you.
  • This type of financing, although practical, must be accompanied by a prior verification of the interest rates involved.
  • Lending institutions tend to provide this type of loan to more expensive cars that they can consider as collateral. You will be entitled to a low interest rate compared to a personal loan, so your financing costs will go down.

For doubtful credit, first, second or third chances, still get a car loan with some tricks.

Your credit is out of control: 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance for your car loan

Read a little further to get relevant information so that your credit will recover while having the car that suits you best.

When faced with difficulties in obtaining credit for the purchase of a car, solutions such as house financing and second chance credit may be needed.

Feel free to turn financial advisors who work in the field of alternative financing to help you.

Precisely, the partners of “Bye Bye debt” offer personalized services regarding home financing and 2nd chance credit. They seek not only to assist you in the recovery of your credit, but also of course to find you a quality auto financing for your vehicle.

These financial advisers have the task of guaranteeing you a bank loan and eliminate once and for all your worries to credit!

Dealing with them allows you to ensure the quality of your requests and the confidentiality of personal information disclosed. In addition, it increases your chances of a car loan being granted quickly.

It is important to understand and learn about how home financing works and also the second chance to credit.

The Bye Bye Debts financial advisors will answer your questions and provide you with useful tips for your car loan. A completely free request for financing is waiting for you here on the site that you can fill. This is totally without commitment.

Is it possible to obtain credit despite a bad record?

Your credit problems are preventing you from looking for a new vehicle and wondering where to get help with this?

You will find it with credit experts. Indeed, they have experience in the area of ​​credit acceptance and processing, especially for people who are denied loans from traditional banks.

They confer a confidential service, specific to your needs and professional.

Our partners have the usual task of managing the files that affect the acceptance and obtaining of car loans.

Let these intermediaries reveal the best tips for your situation after analyzing your file.

Whether you’re dealing with a home loan or your third or second chance credit, they’ll be working on getting you a loan from credit institutions or banking institutions.

They only aim for a quick acceptance of your credit and restore the level of it.

They provide assistance to individuals who want a prompt acceptance in the following situations:

  • Bad credit
  • Limited income
  • A newly arrived immigrant who has very little or no credit at all
  • A job hired less than a year ago
  • Late payments or collection situations
  • Lack of credit or low credit history
  • Separation or divorce
  • A retired person
  • A self-employed worker
  • Some other reason

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