Monthly Archives: March 2021

NDP calls on Ottawa to cut interest rates on payday loans

Federal New Democrats are calling on Ottawa to reduce the legally allowed interest rate on loans and close a loophole that allows the payday lending industry to charge ultra-high interest rates. In a private member’s bill tabled Thursday, NDP House leader MP Peter Julian called for Criminal Code changes that …

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Hang In, Illinois, And Cap Interest Rates At 36% On Payday Loans | Editorial

Six years ago, Downstate Springfield woman Billie Aschmeller took out a short-term loan of $ 596 that carried an insane annual interest rate of 304%. Even if she repaid the loan within the two years required by her lender, her total bill would exceed $ 3,000. Soon after, however, Aschmeller …

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Quick and easy online loans

What are online loans? Online loans are simply personal loans that you can get without going to a bank or credit union. Easy online loans usually don’t even require you to speak to a loan officer. You can do all of the following online: Compare rates, loan amounts and terms …

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